THE NEDWATER BUSINESS MODEL – Job creation and food production using effluent derived from the NEDWATER patented BWP process.

In essence NEDWATER treated effluent can be re-used to flush toilets, irrigate gardens, clean livestock production facilities, and supplement economic development and growth from hydroponic vegetable farming to fish farming eliminating the costly expense of sludge management.

The NEDWATER solution can be extended to effectively treat VIP toilets and septic tanks that exist in semi urban and rural areas. Not only is it cost-effective, requiring minimal infrastructure and land area to develop it’s also versatile and ideally positioned to replace pit latrines with flush toilets and produce reusable water for schools, informal settlements, and low-infrastructure and offthe- grid terrain.

The NEDWATER Bio Wastewater Filter – a household wastewater treatment system, which purifies municipal, light industrial and domestic wastewater without the requirement to treat sludge. Only 10% of this recycled wastewater comes from toilets, despite the method’s name. The rest comes from other sources such as showers, sinks, and washing machines.

NEDWATER specialises in household wastewater treatment systems that convert waste into re-usable soil-like media referred to as humus. As the humus breaks down it acts as filter media supporting the growth and multiplication of waste-processing organisms, effectively turning the problem into the solution. The filtration method is a self-sustaining, aerobic treatment process where oxygenbreathing bacteria and earthworms are used to break down the humus.

On average it costs government and developers thousands to supply sewerage systems for housing developments. NEDWATER’s solution connects one tank per two households, and a separate small tank can be connected for water to flush toilets. This is a double Return-on-Investment, which also offers various spin-offs to stimulate the economic chain.

NEDWATER holds an international patent covering the use of “the breakdown of waste material as the filter for cleansing wastewate”.

This technology has been occuring naturally on rainforest floors for millions of years.