Green Package

Features and Benefits

The product range comprises a Green Package: a bio-filter water treatment system.

Currently there is no similar system available in the market that allows grey and black water to be absorbed through filters and re-used for other purposes (garden and house). NEDWATER has registered patent rights on the bio-filter water treatment system. Solar energy units are additionally available, as NEDWATER’s focus is the water filtration system.

Grey water and black water: grey water gets its name from its cloudy appearance and from its status as being between fresh, potable water (known as “white water”) and sewage water (“black water”). In a household context, grey water is the leftover water from baths, showers, hand basins and washing machines which can be recycled onsite for uses such as landscape irrigation.

Some definitions of grey water include water from the kitchen sink. This wastewater contains no faecal matter (human faeces). Grey water differs from water from the toilets which is designated sewage or black water to indicate it contains human waste. Any water containing human waste and/or animal waste (faeces) is considered black water. Grey water makes up 50–80% of residential wastewater generated from all of the house’s sanitation equipment (except toilets).

The filtration tanks will initially be manufactured by service providers, but the longterm objective is to have manufacturing plants in all provinces.

Installation teams from each area/town of operation can be established to stimulate the local economy by providing jobs. The product also provides an entrepreneurial opportunity for co-operative groups/business entrepreneurs to establish earthworm farming units. Most importantly: the product will provide water for people to develop sustainable vegetable gardens. The latter speaks directly to food security. Raw materials to be used inside the tanks (earthworms and peat) will be bought from local suppliers (peat) and earthworm farmers.

A bio-filter water treatment system.


NEDWATER’s sanitation product is a worm-based bacteria and uses enzymes for pit latrines, septic tanks, hotels and hospitals. The product is available in small quantities and is ideal for rural communities, as it removes bad odours and converts the waste into water, making it environmentally friendly and free from pathogens.

Single Vermi Filtration System

  • A tank (1 000 – 2 000 litres) with a sump with electric borehole pump, either connects to solar or electrical supply.
  • A tank filled with smaller filters i.e. pipes with holes in and then bagged and placed from bottom to top where a filter is put in where earthworms can be placed.

Plant Systems

These systems vary from between 1 00 000 litres per day capacity to 8 mega litres per day.

The objective is to assist municipalities and developers that need to address the over capacity of existing plants or have to provide their own wastewater purification solutions.

Value Proposition

NEDWATER adheres to the strategic growth principle that a product must offer value through price and/or quality and/or convenience in order to be successful.

The main stream of our value proposition is the protection of a valuable and scarce resource: water.

The secondary, equally important value streams are:

  • Skills development to maintenance teams (the business unit tasked with development will attend to training members of the community in basic plumbing principles).
  • Poverty alleviation through job creation (earthworm farming and selling of waste by-products as organic fertilizer).
  • Contributing towards food security (e.g. establishing and sustained vegetable gardens