NEDWATER Bio-Ozone Wastewater Purification

NEDWATER’s patented BIO-OZONE Wastewater Purification (BWP) Process addresses the core of light industrial and domestic wastewater treatment and its natural biological process ensures that the treated effluent meets and often exceeds the standard required for discharge into a water borne resource.

The focus of waste management has evolved into the principle of the four “R”s: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Repair.

How does the NEDWATER BWP Process work? Nature uses its own practical and safe process to break down organic waste – simply dispatching bacteria and earthworms to complete the decomposition process using oxygen from the atmosphere and its extraordinary ability to digest undesired solids and waste.

Biotechnologists studying earthworms have evolved a process to convert organic wastewater – such as sewage, food processing and paper and pulp industry wastewater – into re-useable water while the earthworms’ excreta can be used as a bio-fertiliser.