NEDWATER Filtration

“The NEDWATER BWP Process does not use any chemicals – instead it uses a diverse eco-system living in an organic matrix to treat the wastewater.”


“Whether it is a housing development or an individual household, NEDWATER has the answer to onsite domestic waste treatment and recycling needs.”

NEDWATER systems quickly separate the organic matter (solids) from the wastewater and provide specialised organisms to treat it aerobically.

It is at least 10 times more efficient (i.e. it uses less space and/or power to give equivalent treatment) than aquatic treatment processes, such as ‘activated sludge’ or ’sequenced batch reactors’, and can treat up to ten times the organic loading of rival technologies – such as sceptic and conservation tanks.

Many wastewater treatment systems use chemicals to clean the water.

These systems then run the risk of chemical aberrations, such as accidental or chronic additions of toxic substances, such as chlorine bleaches, disinfectants or pharmaceuticals.

These aberrations can produce catastrophic failures, putting natural systems at great risk.

By contrast, the NEDWATER system does not use any chemicals; instead it uses a diverse ecosystem living in an organic matrix to treat the wastewater.

An additional benefit of the NEDWATER system is that toxic chemicals within wastewater are also partially neutralised by the organic matter.

The meandering flow paths of a NEDWATER system where mixing and dilution occurs prevent the organisms from being over exposed to any toxic chemicals present.

This allows the system to rapidly recover and recolonise, ensuring a great deal of resilience in the system.


Whether it is a housing development or an individual household, NEDWATER has the answer to on-site domestic waste treatment and recycling needs. A UV Ozone light is installed in the sump to remove all negative elements from the filtered water before it gets pumped on to vegetable gardens or grass where people rest or play.

NEDWATER systems can be linked in households, as well as housing developments, with a network called bio-water.

The bio-water system can typically cost less than half of conventional sewerage installations.

A strong point of the NEDWATER technology is that it can be scaled to give the best economic outcome.

One size does not fit all in practice and the NEDWATER modular approach is designed to overcome this problem and allow scale up and even scale down if required by the usage on the site.

Local residents are trained to maintain the system, ensuring skills transfer.