Our Process

The NEDWATER process was developed after evaluating various techniques that were laboratory tested over 30 years, and involves the purification of wastewater through a vermi-filter and Advanced Oxidation Techniques. The earthworms convert the water impurities into worm-casts and after repeated filtering, clear water is obtained.

The NEDWATER BWP process is free of unpleasant odours, multiple tank space, pumps and electricity making it suitable for use in remote areas, and more cost-effective than most traditional wastewater treatment systems.

The NEDWATER purification system differs from conventional processes in that it makes use of annelids that consume the bio (organic) waste, which act as a purifying agent, whereas conventional plants make use of primary and secondary activated sludge, dewatering and chlorination to treat wastewater.

The NEDWATER purification system consists of three processes: the first is bio filtration, where waste is removed from the water.

The second process uses biological filters to remove suspended solids that may still remain in the water after bio filtration, as it is vitally important to remove as much as of the particles from the water as possible to ensure an effective third section – sterilisation.