Products Range

NEDWATER holds an international patent covering the use of the “breakdown of waste material as the filter for cleansing wastewater”.

This technology has been occuring naturally on rainforest floors for millions of years.

  • Packaged Sewerage Treatment Plants – this is a modular sewerage treatment system that includes individual tanks which treat up to 2 200 litres/day, per tank. These systems are suitable for existing WWT plants, new packaged WWT plants, school and clinic sanitation systems, individual households with pit latrines, VIP toilets, small to medium rural and urban developments, small farms or resorts and nature reserves.
  • Turnkey solutions – this is a turn-key sewerage solution for small treatment plants or whole estate sanitation networks, where NEDWATER designs tailor-made plants, installs them and then operates and maintains the systems.
  • Grey Water Treatment and Purification – grey water is the collective name for all the wastewater that is produced by the shower, bath, hand basins and laundry. Lavatories and kitchen waste is defined as black water because of the higher pathogen content of the water. The NEDWATER grey water systems are typically a solution for households, already linked to a municipal infrastructure, which want a means of reusing grey water in the household irrigation system as a water saving device.
  • Indigenous and Environmentally Sensitive Landscaping Design and Installation – NEDWATER can design and install a landscaping solution, which ensures sensitivity to the indigenous flora and fauna, which saves water and enhances the aesthetic qualities of the site.
  • Drip Irrigation Systems – this includes designing and installing drip irrigation systems for clients interested in saving water through this irrigation method.
  • Aerators – ensure superior performance by transferring oxygen into water in the form of micronized bubbles, effectively neutralising polluting elements.